“I Need a Book about the Titanic” by Lucretia Brattin

Nerdy Book Club

One subject in history has it all:  tragedy, mystery, mayhem, social classes, celebrities, science and romance.  I am referring to the story of the Titanic. In our school the “official” study of the Titanic begins in the fourth grade reading anthology.  Students read the short story Finding the Titanic by Robert D. Ballard.  This story begins each student’s quest for everything Titanic.

titanic making of a doomed shipBefore I became our school’s librarian, I taught 4th grade.  Because of this I am aware that fourth grade students will be asking for books about the Titanic. Even though we have several books in the library about this subject, I’m always on the lookout for more.  Recently, I came across a new book by Sean McCollum, Building the Titanic: The Making of a Doomed Ship.   Sean McCollum has written over 30 books in the non-fiction genre for intermediate level students.  He is…

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